Personal data protection (GDPR)

  1. an audit regarding the scope of personal data protection, including in particular a

physical security audit, security audit of data carriers, audit of applied procedures, audit of legal aspects of processing;

  1. control and periodic audits;
  2. preparation of a report assessing the legal status and principles of processing personal data in the corporation (compliance with the GDPR);
  3. assistance in preparing the necessary documentation for the protection of personal data, in particular:
  • security policy;
  • authorizations to process personal data;
  • consent clauses and information clauses;
  • internal procedures for processing personal data of an enterprise;
  • confidentiality clauses;
  • contract templates for entrusting data processing;
  • support in the development of risk analysis – procedures for impact assessment for the protection of personal data.


  1. training and support in all aspects related to the processing of personal data.
  2. service of the Data Protection Supervisor (also provided in cooperation with external entities, after arranging details).
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